Hosting a City Salon


Singularity University aspires to create a global community of doers who can positively impact the lives of billions. The SingularityU Community Chapter provides opportunities to mobilize communities through local, in-person salons, programs, events and activities. When people come together to focus on a goal, the potential for solutions grows (perhaps!) exponentially.


Objectives of a SingularityU City Salon

The SingularityU City Salon strives to foster an understanding of Singularity University, highlight local innovation and impact stories in your region and keep the community connected between the less frequent larger events and summits. Salons serve as an additional tool that alumni can add to those which have already been available for engaging the larger community: namely, Global Impact Competitions, Summits, and connecting local government and corporations with SU through Custom Programs. Salons events are organized and run by volunteers.


What is a SingularityU City Salon?

SingularityU City Salons are small, approximately 100-person events, that happen with some frequency – usually monthly or quarterly. These salons may be open to the community at large, or for chapter members only.

All salon events should address Singularity University’s underlying goals and present speakers who address serious global issues by fully embracing the power and capacity of exponential technologies. Speakers should address solutions to difficult challenges around education, energy, environment, food, global health, poverty, security, space, and water.

Hosting a GIC to uncover local innovation

Global Impact Competitions (GICs) are annual competitions held in partnership with sponsor organizations worldwide and organized by geography and theme. These competitions act as a platform to identify outstanding entrepreneurs, leaders, scientists and engineers with the most innovative ideas for positively impacting millions of lives locally and globally within the next 3-5 years. The winner of each competition is invited to attend the Graduate Studies Program (GSP) free of charge.


Exceptional Ideas, Extraordinary People

The aim of GICs is to identify unique ideas that will improve the lives of millions of people, giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to transform their ideas into reality. As a price they will win a seat at the Graduate Studies Program (GSP) where they will be empowered with the tools, knowledge, skills and mindset for positively impacting 1 billion people.